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Research has shown that collagen production starts to decrease as we grow older from the time of puberty. By the time we reach 35 years of age, collagen levels are already halved in the skin tissue. Collagen is a protein found in the body and along with water, makes up 75% of the skin. It is a core building block of the skin as well as hair and nails. The decline in collagen, while natural with age, can lead to a few signs of skin aging.

The Signs Of Skin Aging:

Aging brings with it signs of skin aging that can make you look older than your age. Other factors that also contribute to the decline in collagen including free radical damage, UV rays, and pollution.

Signs Of Skin Aging

Here are the most common signs of skin aging which occur due to reduced collagen levels:

  • Visible wrinkles and fine lines
  • Increased dark circles and under eye puffiness.
  • Skin sag.
  • Dry skin.
  • Uneven skin complexion.

Best Way To Reduce Skin Aging:

Since the decline in collagen is the reason for the appearance of the signs of skin aging, experts have clarified that if we increase the levels of collagen in the skin, we can reduce the skin aging signs. The increase in collagen levels can be possible by eating a balanced diet and exercising to promote your health. Eating antioxidant-rich foods can also better protect your skin cells from free radical damage. A popular way to increase collagen levels in the skin is by using topical face creams like XYZ Smart Collagen. A rise in collagen can help your skin by boosting skin cell regeneration and improve skin tissue architecture.

XYZ Smart Collagen

How Does XYZ Smart Collagen Work?

XYZ Smart Collagen is an anti aging cream that uses the proprietary smart collagen management system to boost the levels of high-quality collagen. It works by using compounds from the Bulbine frutescens plant found in South Africa to stimulate collagen production by stimulating the fibroblast while another compound is used to stop the production of leukotriene which can cause excess collagen to be created. If leukotriene synthesis is not stopped, not only would collagen be produced in excess, the quality of the produced collagen would be low, giving you benefits that are not sustainable. XYZ Smart Collagen Cream suppresses leukotriene production to help boost high-quality collagen production. Another way in which XYZ Collagen Cream helps boost collagen levels is by slowing down the breakdown of collagen in the skin.

XYZ Smart Collagen Cream Ingredients:

The leaf of the South African plant Bulbine frutescens contains the sap that contains two compounds that are the active ingredients in XYZ Smart Collagen Cream which are:

  • Acetylated Polymannose (APM)
  • Knipholone

The ingredients used in this anti wrinkle cream are vegan-friendly, and 100% natural and are compliant with multiple industry standards with XYZ Smart Collagen being a certified organic product.

XYZ Smart Collagen Benefits

XYZ Collagen Cream Benefits:

Here are the benefits of using XYZ Smart Collagen which can be observed in just 12 weeks, according to the manufacturers:

  • Fewer wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Improved skin hydration.
  • Increased skin elasticity.
  • Tightens and firms skin.
  • Improved skin tone.
  • Less sagging skin.
  • Reduces stretch mark visibility.
  • Certified by experts in dermatology.
  • Clinical studies showed visible results in 12 weeks.

XYZ Smart Collagen Cost:

XYZ Collagen Cream can be purchased online from the manufacturer’s website for USD 49.99 when ordered from the United States. This product is also available around the world and can be bought from the official XYZ Collagen manufacturer’s website.

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